1-Extent of Warranty 

1.1-Techpoint Peru Corp is not responsible for the ignorance of the warranty staff delivering and collecting the products in the area of ​​Customer Service. 
1.2-The warranty applies only to merchandise sold by Techpoint Peru Corp, does not extend to third parties and is not liable for damage to other goods or transportation produced by third parties and is only provided in our service centers. 
1.3-The warranty does not include any installation. This service will cost extra. 
1.4-Never Peru Corp Techpoint responsibility for the software or other data stored on the merchandise. It is recommended that backups (backup) periodically. Techpoint Peru Corp is not responsible for any damages and / or losses of any kind caused by faulty goods (except for goods itself). It is mandatory to join a quality control is performed before delivering the final product. 
1.5-The warranty period for the computer assembly service is one year and only covers labor for the repair. This warranty does not cover installed installed software or other information. 
1.6-No exchanges or returns for incompatibility with other vendors' products purchase and mistakes are accepted, they will find this subject to validation by the area of ​​claims, as well as penalties for administrative expenses. 

Guidelines of the 2-Warranty Products 

2.1-The merchandise must be sent to our service centers properly protected, with complete accessories, as was dispatched in the case of "cases" will be enough to bring the power supply to its respective reference guide. Where the product is a batch reference guide for the product revenue is required. 
2.2-The customer must indicate the specific failure of the goods to the time of delivery. Not verified the fault described, goods will be returned. For shipment of products from province must communicate to coordinate their respective ships. 
2.3-goods warranty is void in the following cases: physical damage, labels or manufacturer Techpoint Peru Corp adulterated or removed, evidence of attempted repair, scratches or evidence of abuse in the plastic covers, damage caused by fluctuations external power, overload, improper installation, any foreign element (oxide, acids, liquids, chemicals, etc..), caused by natural disasters (fires, floods, lightning, earthquakes, etc..), for use or storage without complying with the environmental specifications of the manufacturer. 
2.4-The warranty does not cover accessories, connectors, input and output ports (parallel, serial, etc..) Or print heads. It also does not cover consumables and / or consumable parts and components that wear out with use. 
2.5-The receipt of the product by customer service does not imply a definitive diagnosis and does not warrant the implementation of its warranty, this will be validated by the technical specialist. Therefore, the position of reception that is given does not warrant the application of the product warranty. 
2.6-The client is obliged to consult to know the status of your product, if they are located in notified as "READY TO PICK" and exceed the storage time of 30 working days Techpoint Peru Corp may provide products as it sees fit as being the declared ABANDONMENT product. 
2.7-Products sent to our offices that do not meet the requirements or who do not have full information will not be accepted. 

3-Types and Times Guarantee 

3.1-Types and warranty periods specified in the data sheet on our website. Check with your sales representative any questions before making your purchase. 
3.2-The goods referred to as "Warranty representative in Peru" described in more details in our website are subject to warranty terms and representatives thereof are channeled through its Authorized Service Centers (CSA). 
3.3-The goods referred to as "Check", "Manufacturer Warranty only" and "not applicable" should be handled directly with the manufacturer. 
3.4-The merchandise that is not specified in Sections 3.2 and 3.3, will be handled under the following procedures: 
3.4.1-Immediate Attention: During this period the goods will be replaced immediately verified manufacturing fault. The requirements are: Local-Delivery (2 days after purchase votes). to other provinces (3 business days after purchase). 
3.4.2 Regular-Care: The replaced will be held at a maximum of 30 business days after the product revenue. 
3.5-The merchandise may be replaced: repaired, remanufactured or other products of similar or better than the same brand or another; and will be warranted for the remaining warranty period. 
3.6-If you do not have the product in stock replaced within not care a credit note will be issued, with the updated product to the date of issuance of the credit note price. The issuance of the credit note does not apply to cases replaced product solution. 

In order to provide better service in the care of their warranties and clarify any doubts, we invite you to contact: Technical Consultations - email: [email protected]

Administrative and collateral management inquiries - email: [email protected] 

For more information visit our website www.techpointperu.com The terms and conditions of guarantees may be modified without notice. You declare their assent to the terms of this is free and voluntary duty without fraud, mistake or defect which could invalidate any part fully.